Recipe: Apricot Jam

I have really vivid memories of my mum making jams out of different fruits when I was a kid. At a recent trip to the hills, we were treated to some of the best, freshest, plumpest and juiciest fruits, and the only thing that I could wish for was an unlimited supply of these wonderful fruits. And thus, I decided to make some fruit jam. After a lot of googling for ideas, pestering my family for what they could remember of my mum’s recipe, it finally came to this: Continue reading

Recipe: Homemade Granola

I had been buying my granola from bakeries and shops, honestly, I found it a bit expensive at times, and sometimes I thought a certain ingredient or two were missing. And voila, bulb chamka! I decided it to start making it at home because it was a good wholesome meal for the times that hubby was rushing to work.

Here is the recipe that I follow: Continue reading

Product Review: Khadi Fruit Face Pack

Ever since post-partum and now, the summers have set in, my skin has gone for a complete toss.

Up until now, I’ve had normal to oily skin, with no major sensitivity I can think of. Coming to now, there’s nothing I can really say about my skin, there are times it’s so dry, there’ll be dry patches on my skin, and on another day, it’s oily as hell. So I’m myself getting to know my skin all over again and trying new routines. Continue reading